NAAGA Basic Handgun

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This basic handgun course introduces the shooter to the Fundamentals of Firearm Safety, and how to properly handle a handgun. You will learn the functions of a handgun and it’s inner workings. The classes include learning the 4 Universal Rules of Firearm Safety, Proper Stance and Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control.

Students will focus on learning how to shoot using either a B-8 or Q target. The student will fire about 50+ rounds and receive training that will be focused on basic shooting fundamentals. The lecture portion includes reviewing the legal aspects of owning (non-state specific), transporting and using a firearm in self-defense situations, along with a brief history of gun ownership in America. This class is certified by the National African American Gun Association.

This class is ideal for those who:

  • Have fears or concerns about firearms and want to overcome that fear and have your concerns addressed
  • Are “gun curious” and want to learn about firearms in a safe and responsible way
  • Live with someone who owns a firearm (roommate, significant other, parents)
  • Have children in the home and want to learn safe practices
  • Have considered purchasing a handgun
  • Want to take the Michigan CPL class, and want to have some base of knowledge going in

A minimum of 5 registered students are required for this class to be held. If the minimum amount of registrations are not met, those who have registered will be moved to a new class date.

TIME: 9:00a – 3pm

LOCATION: 33000 Ford Rd., Westland, MI 48185

Round Count: 50. You can bring your own or purchase at the range.

Additional notes: Range fee is of $15 is included UNLESS you are utilizing a discount code. Firearm rentals available if you do not have your own. No live ammo in the classroom is permitted. Since this is a deeply discounted course, there are no refunds. This class DOES NOT qualify for a Michigan CPL.